F.A.Q. – UMBI Club Official



What is the material of the products?
Each product is made from a different material. You may read the details on description page of each product.

Will metal letters tarnish?
We plate metals with titanium. To ensure the longevity of your UMBI, we recommend avoiding contact with substances like cream, perfume, alcohol, and bleach. All our products are subject to a 6-month warranty.

In what order are the letters I choose are put on?
Our letters and symbols can be removed. When you receive the product, you can put them on and remove the letters as you like.

Can I get more than two (2) letters?
You can add any extra letter or symbol you want to your cart separately.

My letter came with a hole, what should I do?
The back side of our letters has a hole for fixing. However, we don't fix them to allow you to put the letters on and remove them. Flipping the letter should solve the problem.

Which phone models do you make cases for?
Although it varies by model, we produce cases for iPhones from iPhone 11 and above. We don't produce cases for any other phone model.

When I put on the case, it removes the screen protector. What should I do?
Due to the upright design of iPhone 12 and above, this issue might occur. It's a common problem with bumper cases. Since our cases can also be used with straps, phone security is our priority. A 1mm smaller screen protector is needed, and we added a compatible screen protector to our website due to demand.

Are your cases MagSafe compatible?
Our leather cases are not MagSafe compatible.

How do I attach the chain straps to the leather case?
You need to get the Connect apparatus along with the chain.

Will the chain straps tangle in my hair?
We haven't received any complaints of that sort so far.

My UMBI got damaged, can you repair it?
Yes. Please contact us at info@umbiclubofficial.com  You can have the product repaired for free for two years. We cannot cover the shipping costs for repairs.

Are the strap lengths standardized, or do you adjust them based on height?
All our chain straps have a fixed length and are suitable for cross-body use. The lengths of our Rota and Jacquard straps can be adjusted.

Do wallets have cardholder place?
No, they do not. We have a separate product for cardholders.

If a product appears as sold out, will it be restocked?
Our sold-out products are periodically restocked.
Some of the products are discontinued.
You can get detailed information about the products you want by contacting @umbiclubofficial on Instagram.


When will my order be delivered?
We ship your orders within the next 1 business day. Once your order is shipped, the tracking number will be shared with you via email. Depending on your address, delivery usually takes 1-3 business days.

Do you offer international shipping?
Yes. We use express shipping. UPS/DHL. Delivery takes about 1-3 business days depending on your address.

Which courier company will deliver my order?
Depending on your delivery address your shipment company might differ.

How can I track my order?
Once your order is shipped, your tracking number will be sent to your email address.

What is the shipping fee?
The shipping fee is calculated during the payment process.

What are the delivery hours for my purchased items?
Your packages will be delivered  within working hours (weekdays 09:00 - 18:00)

Can I change the delivery address of my order?
If your order hasn't been shipped yet, you can change the delivery address by emailing info@umbiclubofficial.com 

Can I change the address after my order has been shipped?
If you change the address for a delivered product, the delivery time will change. Depending on your package's location, the estimated delivery time will be extended by 2 business days.

I wasn't at my address when my order arrived, what should I do?
If you're not present at the delivery address, the courier company will make another attempt the next day. They will contact you by phone after the first delivery attempt. You can collect the product from the courier's branch. If they're unable to reach you after 3 attempts, the package will be returned to us. -


What should I do if I want to return my order?
You can return an unused purchase within 14 days, no questions asked, as long as the product complies with our return conditions.* For returns, you must first contact us at info@umbiclubofficial.com

It will be sufficient to send the product(s) you want to return, to our address, which will be shared with you. When your return reaches our warehouse and is checked for compliance with the return conditions, we will process the refund and inform you by e-mail.

What should I do if I want to exchange my unshipped order?
You can contact us via info@umbiclubofficila.com email or through Instagram to request an exchange. If your order hasn't been shipped yet, we can process the exchange.

What should I do if I want to exchange or return a received product?
Unfortunately, we cannot process exchanges for received products. You can return the product and purchase a new one. You can return the purchased product/products within 14 days* if they meet the return conditions. To initiate a return, contact us at info@umbiclubofficial.com
Once we receive your returned item/items via the provided courier service and verify that they meet the return conditions, we will process the refund, deducting the shipping fees. You will be informed by email.
If you've used the product for even a day, we cannot accept the return. We have a system to detect if a product has been used, so please do not send used products for return - they will not be refunded.

Where should I send the package for returns and exchanges?
Once you contact us for a return, we will provide you with the shipping address.

Can I bring the product to your office instead of sending it via courier for returns?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer this service since the products are dispatched from a different location.

Which products are not eligible for returns and exchanges?
Products with any scratches, marks, stains, signs of wear, or signs of being used or altered that prevent them from being resold, as well as products that are missing any parts, accessories, or packaging, cannot be returned.

Do you cover the shipping cost for returns and exchanges?
No. You are responsible for covering the shipping cost for returns.

How are refunds processed for installment payments?
In case of a return, the total amount will be refunded to your bank via your payment method. If you made a payment in installments, the refund will be reflected on your card each month as a positive balance. The timing of installment-based refunds depends on the processes and policies of the banks, and you can get detailed information from your bank.

When will the refund appear in my account after I return an item?
The returned items are checked for compliance with return conditions. Once the items reach us and are verified, the total amount will be refunded to your account within 2 business days. You will be notified by email.

I received a wrong or damaged product, what should I do?
We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please contact our customer service, and we will be happy to assist you.


How can I make a payment?
You can make payments by using all major credit cards. We do not offer cash on delivery as a payment option.

Is there a welcome coupon or discount for the first purchase?
We have seasonal discounts, but there isn't a specific discount for the first order.

Can I make installment payments?
You can choose installment or upfront payment options based on agreements with banks for all your purchases.

Is it safe to shop with a credit card?
We use Shopify Payment solutions, so its %100 safe.

Are the prices of the products inclusive of VAT?
All our products are offered for sale with VAT included.

I'm experiencing an error during payment, what should I do?
Please contact us at info@umbiclubofficial.com  and provide detailed information about the issue. We'll work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.